Hi, I’m Vickie Rotante founder of Write Here-Write Now, a digital marketing firm specializing in writing content that ignites brands.

My Story

From bureaucrat to building brands.

My journey began over 25 years ago working in large global fashion retailers and eventually shifted to becoming an entrepreneur, brand builder and writer. I understand what it’s like to build businesses of all sizes, for both corporate and boutique environments … and while the goals are the same, the process can be very different. We like to leverage our “big company” knowledge and scale it to the needs of our niche market which is small to mid-size businesses.


What We Do

We speak in the language of your brand’s voice and give you customized inbound content marketing.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing works by earning someone’s attention, rather than buying it. It’s about communicating your brand’s message and engaging your audience (aka potential customers) through content that is valuable, informative and showcases how your company’s products or services can solve their problems.


Our Goals

Our mission is simple, to build your brand through engaging, targeted, SEO-optimized content. Write Here-Write Now helps you develop your unique brand voice that speaks to your customers. Through blogs, website content, email marketing and copywriting, we increase your brand awareness and craft that one-two punch that converts your audience to customers and accelerates your growth.


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